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Non-Surgical Fat Freezing in Burlingame, CA.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment for reducing unwanted fats all over the body. This treatment is the perfect procedure for both women and men who want to achieve a contoured and slim appearance by treating the pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise or diet.


At Skinlastiq Medical Spa in Burlingame, near Millbrae and San Mateo, we regularly deliver CoolSculpting treatment to lessen the stubborn fat found in the following areas:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Banana Roll
  • Bra Bulge
  • Distal Thighs (Knees)
  • Double Chin or Submental Fat
  • Flanks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Love handles
  • Upper Back

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

After the target treatment area has been selected, the CoolSculpting device will then be positioned on the body, and controlled cooling is applied. While the procedure is ongoing, you may do whatever you want. You can choose to read, check your phone or even sleep.

As a non-surgical, fat-freezing procedure, there is no required recovery period. After the treatment, you can immediately go back to work and do your usual activities. Weeks after the procedure or the post-treatment, your body will process the fat cells and remove them completely from your body naturally.

The result of CoolSculpting is long-term which means that once the treated fat cells are gone, they are completely gone for good.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

It may sound unrealistic or unbelievable for fat to get frozen away. However, this process can be explained thoroughly with some scientific theories and principles applied. 

The fat cells get to be frozen at a higher temperature than the tissues surrounding them. The CoolSculpting technology safely delivers a well-balanced level of cooling to carefully and efficiently target the fat cells below the skin. 

The fat cells that got treated with the CoolSculpting procedure will become crystallized or frozen, and will eventually die. 

Over the course of time, the body naturally processes the fat cells and removes these dead cells, leaving a more shaped body. 

What Are the Benefits?

  • The treatment doesn’t require downtime. You do not need to undergo a recovery process.
  • It is entirely non-invasive or non-surgical.
  • The procedure contours or shapes the difficult areas of the torso.
  • It also shapes the arms, calves, hips, and thighs.
  • It eliminates bra rolls, love handles, muffin tops, saddlebags, and thunder thighs.
  • The entire process will only take an hour or less. So, you will not be wasting a lot of time.
  • The treatment specifically focuses on killing the fat cells and preserving the regular skin cells as only the fat cells get to be frozen and eliminated, and the surrounding cells are not harmed in any way.
  • It is a cost-effective treatment with long-term results.
  • It is known to destroy about twenty to twenty-five percent of fat cells.

What Should You Expect During Your CoolSculpting Procedure

Patients describe the CoolSculpting procedure as a smooth, easy, and fun process that will take about an hour or less. During the treatment, the patients can usually attend to their respective businesses, nap, play games on their smartphones, read, and watch movies.

The first step of this treatment is placing the cooling gel on the areas where the targeted fat cells are located. The gel provides protection to your skin’s surface, thus, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The next step is placing the cooling devices on the targeted regions of the skin. These panels are monitored carefully through our state-of-the-art computer system to make sure that well-balanced or controlled temperatures are applied for the complete safety of the patient.

During the treatments, you might feel a slight “suctioning” sensation or vibration. This “suctioning” feeling only means that the devices are doing their job.

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What to Expect After the Treatment

Though the majority of the CoolSculpting clients does not experience pain, some individuals may feel minor tingling or sensation, tenderness, redness and even numbness at the treated sites. These side effects or post-treatment results will fade within the first week after the treatment, and should not cause you any concern. 

Recovery for CoolSculpting Treatment

It has been mentioned before that CoolSculpting treatment doesn’t require recovery process as it is a non-surgical or non-invasive procedure. So, this means that after the treatment, the patients are free to go back to their normal activities and work.

At first, you might experience mild redness, bruising and swelling. However, over the following weeks, everything will be resolved and diminished.

Some patients may experience itching and tenderness, which are not usual but will also ease up quickly. Overall, a CoolSculpting treatment holds a very small risk for complications. The treatment is safe for the tissues and the skin that surround the fat cells.

What Type of Results Should You Expect From CoolSculpting?

You will start to notice the slimming, streamlined effect of the treatment within one to three weeks. The results will get firmer as months pass by. You will see the major improvement or enhancement within two to four months.

Though, you must keep a healthy lifestyle that may include a nutritious balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain the results for a lifetime. Typically, patients lose about twenty to twenty-five percent of their unwanted fats after CoolSculpting. Although, if you intend to lose more fat, you can do the treatment again under the strict guidelines and care of your doctor.

Who Is the Perfect Candidate to Undergo CoolSculpting?

Anyone who is already frustrated with the stubborn fat that lies along the arms, double, chin, legs, or trunks can significantly benefit with the CoolSculpting procedure. Patients who want to undergo CoolSculpting must be in a relatively good health condition and must fully understand the entire process. In addition, a perfect candidate should also hold reasonable expectations for the results of the treatment.

The treatment is safe for both men and women with any skin type. CoolSculpting treatment is not an alternative or substitute for weight loss.

Before any procedure, you will be required to visit and meet one of our CoolSculpting specialists for a consultation. During this stage, we are going to conduct a quick physical evaluation. We will also discuss your aesthetic needs.

When it has been determined that CoolSculpting is the best treatment for you to achieve your desired results, our specialist will lay out a treatment plan for you. Moreover, our beauty experts can also suggest complementary treatments or procedures that could be either surgical or non-invasive. Sometimes both procedures may be recommended to ensure the optimum physical restoration is reached.

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